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Where’s Jessie

Where’s Jessie

Named after the infamous departure in the final season of browner-class president, Jessie Spanno, from the early 90s hit Saved By the Bell, Where’s Jessie? pretty much represents all the things that popularized this beloved TV character: style, the independent woman and all the energy in a bottle of caffeine pills.

Formed in the summer of 2005 by Radio Insect Records (RiR) producers Phil and Elle, Where’s Jessie? is an all girl rock band set on one mission: absolute global domination. (insert evil laugh sound bite here)

Unfortunately for the girls, obstacles to achieving this goal sprung up faster than plastic moles in a carnival game. Membership integrity waned but morale and creativity persevered. These events ran over a series of months, months turned to years and saw people ‘dosey do’ in and out of band membership. Their self-esteem tested, their integrity in doubt.

Through it all, Such obstacles was no match for WJ’s resilience and a whole new story will rise. Like any old saying goes “out with the old, in with the new”.

Their legacy begs to continue …

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