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Elana Drive

Elana Drive

Elana Drive (ED) was formed around October 2012 by OPM stalwarts Allan Lagat, Joey Giagonia, and King Cantos. Allan was already carrying an impressive catalogue of original compositions under his belt. It was during a performance at a local warehouse venue (SGLP warehouse) that Allan met and recruited aspiring vocalist Majelone to front for the band. Several rehearsals and gigs afterwards ED finally settled together in what is the current band iteration.

They have the ability to communicate both personal experiences and strife disguised in catchy melodic phrases. It will leave you singing to them in no time at all. ED is currently working to finalize an EP/Album to be released by Radio Insect Records via iTunes.


Elana Drive are:

  • vox – Majelone
  • guitars – Joey
  • bass – Allan
  • drums – King


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